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KINETIC COURSE - Hands & Arms (4 Weeks) 

Please note this is at our Homebush Branch, Starts on 13th May.

135 Parramatta Road, Homebush


Get ready to join this unique opportunity at Kinetic Dance Studio to be taught by Anya from Japan! Limited spots only.


Early Bird price sign up before 30th April to get 10% OFF ($90 (4x classes) 


Mondays 8:15-9:30

Teacher: Anya


13th May

20th May

27th May

3rd June


Purchasing this item enrolls you into the full course.


4x Week Course

Full Package (4x Classes) - $100 



Hi l’m Anya from Japan. Now, I’m living in Sydney, Australia. I started my dance journey at the age of 10 and have earned multiple titles in various dance competitions and battles


Experience the captivating artistry of hand and arm choreography taught by Anya. Each movement tells a story, blending precision with passion to create a visual symphony that transcends language. From delicate gestures to powerful sweeps, Anya's choreography celebrates the beauty and versatility of the human form, leaving you spellbound and inspired.


Join us on this journey of fluidity and grace, where hands and arm movements become brushes painting the air and arms sculpt space with poise and purpose.


KINETIC COURSE - Hands & Arms w/ Anya

  • There is strictly no refunds on any missed sessions. If you leave the group there is also no refunds on the remaining sessions. If practices needs to stop due to any COVID related reasons the practices will be delayed to a later date. By purchasing this you agree to these terms and conditions.

    Please read our full terms and conditions here before purchasing

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