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Kinetic Kpop Night 2024

Registrations are now open here

What is Kpop Night?

Kpop Night, hosted by Kinetic Dance Studio, is a beginner-friendly Kpop event. If you have never performed before this is your chance! Select your team, and our instructors will guide you in preparing for a stage performance, dancing to your favorite music from top Kpop artists in the industry.

How do I Join?

REGISTRATIONS open 28th Jan, 11AM

REGISTRATIONS close 24th Feb, 11AM

 Team spots are limited and sell out fast, so make sure you don't miss out and will be sold on our shop page. 

What are the performance details?

Time: Keep the day free

Date: 4th May 2023

Venue: Strathfield Latvian Theatre

How Does Costumes work?

Your teacher or team will discuss this with you. Many groups like  to adopt a color or style theme, such as red and white. In certain instances, the team may decide to buy outfits for the performance, these choices will be made collectively as a team.

How long is the course?

Each performance course will be 8x weeks of training

The courses starts from 9th March

Do I need to attend all sessions to join?

Please take careful notice of the practice session dates. Students are permitted to be absent for emergencies (1 out of 8 sessions). It is strongly advised to attend all sessions, as the absence of multiple students in different weeks can cause issues for full team practices.

It is crucial for the entire team to participate in multiple practices together, especially for formations. In the event of missing a session, it is essential to practice at home to catch up. Please let Kinetic know of the absence in advance.

How many members are in each team?

The teacher will determine the number of members, which may not necessarily match the original count of Kpop artist members. It will be listed on the shop listing. There will be limited spots available for each team.

Is there are registration fee?

There is a mandatory one-time registration fee of $49,  if you join multiple teams you just need to pay this fee once. 

The registration includes our: Limited Edition Kinetic Kpop Night Shirt

Is there discounts If You Are Joining Multiple Teams?


Please send us a DM to redeem your discount code

Before registering on the website, kindly send us a Direct Message. We will provide  you with your discount coupon. 

5% Discount 

Early Bird Discount

(Only between 28th-30th January)

2x Teams = 5% Discount

3x Teams = 10% Discount

4+ Teams = 15% Discount

To redeem the group discount, ensure to apply the code during your website purchase. Please Note: Discounts cannot be after a purchase has already been made.

Let us know which teams you are looking to join

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