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Kinetic Dance Courses

Kinetic Dance Courses are our newest addition to our dance services.

We have 2 types:

1) Kinetic Term Courses (8 Weeks)

2) Kinetic Kpop Courses (5 Weeks)

Kinetic Term Course

We have a variety of different

styles available such as Hip Hop, Zumba, Teens Classes (Ages 10-15), Kids Classes (Ages 5-10). These courses align closely to the school terms.

Kinetic Kpop Course

We have our Kpop Courses where you get to learn your favourite K-pop dance moves of your favourite artists, from SNSD to New Jeans, INFINITE to ENHYPEN, there is something for everyone!

How do our courses work?

Its simple! Just follow 3 simple steps below

Step 1:

Visit our website below to find the Expression of Interest Form, its FREE to register.

Step 2:

Fill out the EOI form and select your preferences, times available etc

Step 3:

We will reach out to you as soon as we've gathered enough students to confirm course dates and finalize the registration process

Why join our Kinetic courses?

  • Personalized experience: Make friends with like-minded Kpop fans: You choose the artists, songs and when to hold class.

  • Flexibility: To match your availability: We can adjust the course when discussing with the students, even skipping weeks if needed.

  • Cost: Save money with our special courses offer: Only $20 per session when you enrol in a 5 or 8-week course. We also accept Kinetic Membership Passes (Silver/Gold) Unique Experience: Tired of waiting for your favourite songs to be taught at our studio? Now, you can take control and learn all the popular hits from past decades! (2010s to 2020s).

  • Future Opportunities: Enjoy learning your favourite songs now, and next year, we can aim to learn even more and showcase them on the Kpop Night 2024 stage.

  • Improvement: Enrolling in a course ensures you stay motivated, committed, and accountable week after week. Witness genuine growth as you advance throughout the program. Why wait? Join our Kinetic Courses today!

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