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"Connect" is our annual dance showcase run by Kinetic X CPlus Dance Studio previously known as "Step Up".

We chose the name "Connect" as it represents the powerful synergy that emerges when two dance studios unite to craft an extraordinary collaborative performance. This year we will be connecting with our audience guiding them on a journey, through the art of story telling expressed through the medium of dance.

Registrations will be opening on Saturday 15th July at 11AM here!

At "Connect," we will be bringing together an array of dance teams from various backgrounds, genres, and skill levels. From Girls Style and Kpop to Choreography and Jazz Funk, every team will have the opportunity to demonstrate their unique talents and share their love for dance. The showcase promises to be a mesmerizing journey through different styles, providing an immersive story telling experience for both performers and the audience.

Let's come together and make "Connect" an unforgettable celebration of rhythm, passion, and unity on the dance floor!

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