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What is Zumba/DanceFit

Zumba Dancing: A Fun Way to Get Fit

We hold ZUMBA/Dance fit classes every Wednesday and Friday 8:15PM

(Wed classes will start on the 29th March)

Teacher: Michelle

Learn more about Zumba/Dancefit below:

Zumba is a form of dance that combines Latin and international music with cardiovascular exercise. It was created in the 1990s in Colombia but has since spread around the world as a popular fitness trend. Zumba classes are a fun, high-energy way to get in shape while also improving your coordination, balance, and flexibility.

Zumba classes often involve a variety of dance styles, including merengue, salsa, hip-hop, and reggaeton. The movements are designed to be easy to follow, so even beginners can enjoy the class. The instructor will lead the class through a series of choreographed routines that incorporate both low- and high-intensity movements. The routines are generally divided into sections, with each section focusing on a different dance style or type of movement.

One of the great things about Zumba is that it is a full-body workout that incorporates both cardio and strength training. The dance moves help to tone and strengthen muscles while also increasing endurance and burning calories. Depending on your fitness level and the intensity of the class, you can burn anywhere from 400 to 1000 calories per hour.

Another benefit of Zumba is that it is a social activity. The energy and enthusiasm in the class can be infectious, and you will likely meet new people who share your passion for fitness and dancing. Many people find that attending Zumba classes regularly helps them stay motivated and committed to their fitness goals.

In addition to the physical benefits, Zumba can also have positive mental health benefits. The music and movement can be a great stress reliever and mood booster. Many people report feeling happier and more energized after attending a Zumba class.

Overall, Zumba is a fun and effective way to get in shape while also enjoying the benefits of dance and music. Whether you are a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just starting out, there is a Zumba class that is right for you. So put on your dancing shoes and join the party!

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