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Learn more about Kpop In Public with Kinetic

Kpop In Public Projects

Here at Kinetic Dance Studio we specialize in Kpop In Public projects for our students here in Sydney, Australia. Our goal is to help our students form teams to create their own Kpop Covers in public learning with the guidance and experience of our Kpop teachers. We cater to all levels from beginner friendly to experienced projects.

Our projects involve a Kpop project course relating to a certain song or artist which can often consist of 5-8 weeks of training where our students learn valuable skills such as polishing, lip syncing, camera training and more. Our teachers prepare our students and once they are ready we film at an outside location with our professional camera crew. We think of everything including the lighting setup, speakers and filming locations so our students can enjoy a fantastic experience. Kinetic has achieved over 20 projects so far which we are very proud of you can view them here:

There is no age limit, however we will try to group the students with others close to their age range so they can feel comfortable in the environment and can make new friends.

Interested in trying one out? contact our friendly staff on Instagram @Kineticstudioau or by email at If you have a group of friends let us know and we can arrange a teacher for you.

About Kpop In Public

K-Pop has gained worldwide popularity in recent years and is enjoyed by millions of fans worldwide. With this growing popularity, K-Pop in public is becoming more common.

K-Pop dances are famous for their crisp and coordinated moves, making them very enjoyable to watch. It's not uncommon to see K-pop dance covers in public spaces, whether it's a cover of a song by BTS or BLACKPINK. The dance covers usually involve a group of people dancing in perfect synchronization, mastering every single move with impressive accuracy.

K-Pop flash mobs have also become more common, with groups of fans uniting to perform dances in public spaces. These flash mobs often draw a crowd, and even those who have never seen K-Pop before are impressed by the display of flawless dance routines and synchronized movements.

With the popularity of K-Pop in public, it's also interesting to note the diversity of its fans. K-Pop has a massive following in Asia, but it has also grown to have just as loyal a fanbase in other parts of the world, including Australia, Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and Africa, among other regions.

In addition to dance covers and flash mobs, K-Pop lovers show their admiration for their favourite artists by wearing K-Pop fashion items such as t-shirts, hoodies, and official merchandise. These fashion items are becoming more popular in public, with fans wearing them to concerts, events, and even while running errands.

K-Pop In Public, however, is not just limited to dancing and fashion. Many K-Pop enthusiasts also create their own K-Pop-inspired content, such as music videos or vlog series. Some vloggers even go out into the public domain to document the reaction of people to K-Pop, which usually makes for entertaining and exciting content.

In conclusion, K-Pop in public has become an increasingly popular phenomenon. It has created a community of diverse individuals bonded together by the love of music, dance, and fashion. Fans have found creative ways to showcase their appreciation for K-Pop, helping it reach new heights of popularity, and its influence and impact is only going to continue to grow.


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