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Kinetic Kpop Night 7th May 2023

Attention all K-pop fans! Are you ready to see our next generation of K-pop dancers in action? Look no further than our upcoming Kinetic Kpop Night dance showcase! happening on Sunday, May 7th, which will feature some of our beginner and experienced students hosted by the talented Andy Trieu!

Its the Final Day for purchasing tickets available at the link below

Our showcase will showcase our talented dancers, including those who are just starting their K-pop dance journey. With a focus on inclusivity and fun, our students have worked hard to learn the iconic choreography of popular K-pop hits, and they're excited to show off their skills. We have many different Kpop Artist teams featured such as Seventeen, New Jeans, Black Pink, BTS, ATEEZ, Stray Kids and many more!

Our showcase is the perfect opportunity to witness the progress of our beginner students and celebrate their achievements. We're proud to showcase dancers of all levels, and we believe that every dancer deserves the chance to shine on stage.

In addition to our beginner students, our showcase will also feature performances from some outside guest Kpop dance crews, providing a diverse range of K-pop dance routines for all attendees to enjoy.

We're excited to share the joy of K-pop dance with our community and showcase the talent and dedication of our beginner students. Don't miss this opportunity to support our next generation of K-pop dancers!

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