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Kinetic Kpop In Public Projects Vol.5

What is a Kpop In Public Project?

At Kinetic, we're thrilled to offer our Kpop Students a special video project opportunity known as Kpop In Public Projects. The main goal of these projects is to provide our students with an unforgettable experience of creating their very own Kpop Dance video, just like the incredible ones we often come across on YouTube.

Here's the exciting part: these projects are open to students of all levels, including beginners! There are no prerequisites to join; all we ask is that you put in your best effort and work as a team, because each member's contribution is crucial to the final product's success.

So, if you're eager to showcase your talent and have a blast creating a Kpop Dance video in a public location, don't miss out on this incredible opportunity at Kinetic!

Here's some of the great attributes our projects includes:

  • Train under the guidance of your project teacher - Our project teachers have experience with Kpop in Public projects and will help guide you through the process teaching you the choreography, arranging formations and teaching you performance tips and tricks (lip-syncing, camerawork, performance details)

  • Learning the full dance to your favourite Kpop Songs - You will be taught the full routine to the dance, our teachers will also teach you ways to improve your execution so you can look your best on filming day.

  • Great way to meet make new friends and work as a team - Experience what its like to work as a team, moving in a variety of formations, and understanding the importance of positioning & sync as a group team member. After practice is done, feel free to take some time after class to get to know your teammates.

  • Pick and Design your outfits/location as a team - As a team you will be able to decide what to wear and where you would like to film it."

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