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Kinetic Workshop Registration 14-16th Jan

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the workshop?

Click on the register button above which will direct you to our online shop. From there you need to click the add to cart button "Kinetic Opening Workshop" and go to the check out. Follow the payment instructions from there and you will also receive a email with payment instructions. Please check your spam email if you cannot find.

2) Could you please explain what safety precautions will be taken during this event?, as I am very worried about the increasing COVID cases. 

At Kinetic we wish to keep you as safe as possible during this workshop
Here are a few ways we plan to minimize the risks 

• Temperature Testing at the door
• All staff and dancers will wear masks in the studio (we will also provide extras)
• Social distancing to prevent contact
• Disinfecting the studio each day, and regular cleaning
• Students with symptoms/close contact will not be permitted to attend the workshop
• Daily QR code check-in 
• Hand sanitiser/washing hands regularly available and used frequently

3) What happens if we go into lockdown or there is a COVID outbreak at the studio?

In the case of a COVID outbreak the workshop will be put on hold,  NSW will be in touch with everyone via the QR code scanner and advise next action and the workshop will be delayed to a later date. If NSW goes into lockdown the workshop will also be rescheduled to a later date.  If you are unable to make the new rescheduled date a FULL refund will be given for the remaining classes.

If you contract COVID or become a close contact and are unable to attend anymore you will be entitled to a FULL refund of the remaining classes with proof of PCR testing. (Close contact must fulfil the NSW Health Definition at the time)

4) I changed my mind can I get a refund and not attend the workshop?

We will offer a refund only if it is within 24 hours of purchase without explanation.

Workshop registration cannot be cancelled/refunded unless the following circumstances happen
• COVID lockdown and cannot make rescheduled date
• Contracted COVID/close contact so cannot attend workshop
• Reasonable excuse (at Kinetic Studio discretion)

The reason for this is our teachers and staff put in hours of dedication and effort to bring you this workshop, refunds would make it unfair for all staff involved. Thank you for your understanding. 

Please note: If you were covid positive from earlier then 13/01, were isolating and Kinetic Studio was not made aware. You will not be entitled to a refund if requested during the workshopas sufficient notice was not given about your isolation. Thank you

5) Do I get a FREE Workshop Shirt when I sign up?

Yes, any student who signs up for the full workshop will be given a workshop T-Shirt. You must register and give us your size by 7/01 in order for us to get it completed in time for the workshop. Any orders after this date will not be valid to redeem a shirt. 

6) Where is the studio located? Is there parking?

Studio is located at 11A George Street, North Strathfield. On Friday there is a small carpark beside our building with free parking after 6pm, otherwise there is plenty of street parking. On the weekends our carpark is open all day. It is also 5 minutes walk from the North Strathfield Train Station. To get to the studio look for our signs and walk down the alleyway and turn right.

7) Do I have to take all 8 classes if I join the workshop?

Nope it will not be compulsory, you may take as many classes as you feel comfortable doing. It is definitely a challenge doing this many classes at one time but it is a great way to grow and develop in your dancing and you will be surrounded by friends who are going through the same experience together.

8) I don't like to be filmed, do I need to be in the group filming?

This is also not compulsory, feel free to join the group filming if you would like too, we will never force our students to do something they don't feel comfortable with.

9) How hard are the classes, is there a particular level I need to be at to attend this workshop?

This camp will be suited towards the Beginner-Intermediate level, some classes will be easier then others, and some classes will be quite challenging. In the end we hope you have fun and enjoy the challenges this workshop has to offer. 

10) What is Kinetic Kpop Night, and can I join the performance?

Kinetic Kpop Night will be our next event and is currently planned for the 19th Feb 2022, We plan to have Kpop performances, Kpop random play and much more. We currently have teams preparing performances for this night majority of them are beginner and intermediate level dancers.

After this workshop if you enjoyed the classes we will ask you to fill out a form if you would like to join a specific teachers team to perform what you learnt with a team at the showcase. There will be an additional cost of $20 per practice to help you prepare.

If you have any further queries please contact us by DM on instagram @kineticstudioau or send us a email

Thanks for reading!
Kinetic Studio


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